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AE&T Lighting Competence

R&D | Project engineering | Production | Technologies

AE&T Lighting designs and manufactures high power flashers integrating innovating Xenon, LED and network technologies to achieve the desired visual effects.

More importantly, AE&T Lighting coordinates the Lighting Designer and Final Client from the initial concept to on-site commissioning. We fuel your ideas with solutions that use the most advanced technology to meet your needs.

An experienced project Management Team is assigned to each project that drives the R&D and Engineering teams together. This strong technical support allows the creativity of the lighting designer to flourish.

This task force responds quickly, eager to translate the unique needs of your project into innovating technical solutions. It facilitates dialogue and integrates the ideas of those involved.

The project management team then establishes product specifications, schedules the project, incorporates and drives all internal resources within the agreed lead time.