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The AE&T Lighting Concept

AE&T Lighting is a world leader in high power flashers used to illuminate and bring life to monuments. Our concept is to transform landmark monument into scintillating jewels at night, highlighting their characteristic shapes and architectural structure. 

The monuments take on a completely new dimension putting on a dazzling and sensational show.


Monuments illuminated with AE&T’s unique high power strobes are visible for several miles in every direction gaining in prominence and grandeur. We add a touch of prestige and enhance the city’s visual identity. Each scene is like magic, an elusive performance with successive bursts of white and/or coloured lights.

Creativity and emotion              

The Lighting Designer is able to express his creativity through an infinite number of visual effects as each flasher is individually controlled via a high-speed programmed network. When the light dances it creates an astounding effect and we are overcome with a wave of pure emotion.

Energy saving                             

Although our projects are based on visibility we produce flashers that are sustainable and use considerably less energy. We manufacture the latest generation of lights that comply with environmental regulations and offer unparallel benefits in terms of energy savings, efficiency and sustainability. They consume only 10% of conventional permanent lighting displays.